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"Toby's Famous Habanero HotSauce" 12oz.

My HotSauce

My FAMOUS HABANERO HOTSAUCE comes in MILD and HOT...Made fresh when you order it...The mild is for a nice average "burn".The HOT will "burn your taste buds off...You'll "Love" it!

"Toby's Habanero Chow-Chow" 10oz.

Habanero Chow-Chow

Chow-Chow is like relish...only different. My HABANERO CHOW-CHOW is also made fresh by the order and goes great on anything from breakfast,lunch,or dinner...or anything else for that matter!

"3 Mile Island Barbeque Sauce" 10oz.

Great Habanero BBQ Sauce

Remember that?...My 3 MILE ISLAND BBQ SAUCE will do the same.Comes in MILD for a "slow" meltdown and HOT for that "China Syndrome" effect! Come..."Feel The Meltdown"!

"Fire in the Hole" 5oz.

Caution:Eat with Care!

Ok you real HOT it is! My Fire in the Hole is my "HOTTEST"! It will give you that instant flame you've been looking for! **Caution**... THIS HOTSAUCE IS XTREME AND NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED!

"Toby's Cajun Seasoning" 5oz./8oz.
$3.50 / $5.50

My own special blend of herbs and spices...Blacken fish,chicken,pork,add to beans,salads,soups...or anything you can think of! Just the "right" bite to spice up any dish!

"Toby Chili Tejas"

Toby's Chili Tejas

How long's it been since you had a steaming bowl of Toby's Chili Tejas?...well that's too long! This great chili comes pre-mixed...ready to just add your meat and tomatoes and I'll do the rest! It will warm your tummy with the HEAT of HABANERO! Come and get it!

Toby's Gift Package

Great Gift Idea!

Ok...wanna give a great gift?...My GIFT PACKAGE comes with four 5 ounce bottles...The Habanero HotSauce,Habanero Chow-Chow,3 Mile Island BBQ Sauce and Triple XXX Black Label...Great for you,a special friend,or family!

I Hope You Enjoy These Sauces and Seasonings of Mine!
Be Sure To Come Back Soon ... Thanks!

Copyright © 2000-2001 Toby's of Texas

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