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by Laurie Popovits

Striped Bass with Chilcostle Chili Sauce

4 striped sea bass filets skin on      Chilcostle Sauce(recipe below)
Leek, Poblano, and Fennel Salad      Fresh tarragon sprigs for garnish

in non-stick skillet saute bass fillets skin side down until crisp
turn fillets over reduce heat and cook bass 5 more minutes or until done.
to serve, divide Leek, Poblano, and Fennel salad on 4 dinner plates
place bass on top and drizzle Chilcostle sauce around bass. garnish with tarragon
serve immediately. 4 servings...

**(Chilcostle Sauce and Leek,Poblano,and Fennel Salad recipes are below)**

Leek, Poblano, and Fennel Salad

2 cups fish stock      1 fennel bulb chopped fine
3 leeks finely chopped      1 tbsp butter
1 poblano chili slightly roasted and chopped fine

bring stock to boil and add leeks. poach until tender(about 3 minutes)
remove leeks, rinse with cold water and set aside. repeat same with fennel
melt butter over medium heat in skillet. add leeks, fennel, and poblano chili
saute until heated good. salt lightly

Chilcostle Sauce

2 tbsp butter      3 cups fish stock strained
1/2 cup chopped onion      1 large tarragon sprig
6 cloves garlic finely chopped      1 cup whipped cream
2 chilcostle chiles, seeded and roasted      1 medium tomato chopped
1/4 fennel bulb finely chopped      salt to taste

melt butter in skillet. add onion, garlic, tomato, chiles, and fennel.
saute 3-5 minutes. be careful not to burn and bring ingredients to light red color
continue to cook until all liquid is cooked down.
add fish stock and tarragon. simmer until ingredients are tender(about 15 minutes)
add cream and simmer an additional 15 minutes. discard tarragon sprig
put in blender and blend until smooth. strain and salt to taste
keep warm until ready to use

Thanks to Laurie for a Great Recipe!

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